HUGE Project & Channel Announcement! | Shadowlands Patch 9.1

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There are 2 HUGE announcements I’m making today! The work for each of them has been going on behind the scenes for a couple of months now and I’m finally ready to share them with you guys! Me and Andie, with the help from our coaches, are VERY excited to be able to create content for you for every class and spec in the game, in that same high quality style we know you love! We’ll see you in the next video when the channel will OFFICIALLY be CoachCraft!


All UI elements (including Plater) are available to everyone! Simply go to my discord linked below and pick them up from the UI Imports Channel!

My Mouse:
My Keyboard:
My Mousepad:
My Headphones:
My Microphone:
My Key Light:
My Philips Hue Smart Hub:
My Philips Hue Bar Light:

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