Robo-Chick Pet Battle PvP! World of Warcraft Shadowlands Competitive WoW Battle Pet Guide!

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More World of Warcraft Pet Battle PVP! Triple Mechanical Team FOR THE WIN! Whats your favorite way to use these Pets in competitive battles? What battle pets do you think need a buff going into the Dragonflight Expansion? Do you think any pets need a nerf? Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts!

Todays Team: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
Iron Starlette P/P
Likelike Mechanical Frostboar H/H
Robo-Chick S/S

I really wish there were more WoW battle pet youtubers that created content like mine. If you are looking for other players to battle hit me up and lets start our own community of players!

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1 thought on “Robo-Chick Pet Battle PvP! World of Warcraft Shadowlands Competitive WoW Battle Pet Guide!”

  1. Rematch redemption ^^
    It can be difficult when you don't have anything strong versus the enemy, but you got the win anyway–grats! I held my breath on the last Screeching Gears because you won't know if you're stunned until your racial is finished animating, so I was like; "Don't celebrate too soon!" xD lol Thankfully no stun though ^^


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