Rogue Bluepost 9.2 Tier Sets PTR- Shadowlands Guide – World of Warcraft

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Blizzard made some opinions clear to us in this blue post. If they follow through with most of them rogues should be in a good spot for 9.2.

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Rogue one stop cheat sheet for 9.0-9.3

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13 thoughts on “Rogue Bluepost 9.2 Tier Sets PTR- Shadowlands Guide – World of Warcraft”

  1. LOL! "A button that makes the world shit" …as much as I am not a fan of loosing control of my toon, pressing DFA as sub in Legion made for some sexy crits

  2. Blizz still doesn't get that the outlaw 4pc part of the time will do absolutely nothing due to all of the rng they've baked into it. Even with the gun legos it won't eliminate that rng which makes the 4pc unreliable.

  3. Great video ! You always tell what rogue players think and feel. There is way more powerful classes and specs than us in raiding and mythic plus aswell. So we want to play the best spec for rogue that way we can find a spot. But its hard to say right now AGAIN. A pure damage class should have something that world shaking 🙂

  4. If they gonna keep the nerf on the 2 set on assa it's just gonna force sub as the meta for both raid and m+. Assa currently sits with sub in raid tier and if they want to keep assa relevant they either need to buff CT for more aoe DMG and or make it the clear leader in st fights

  5. Its been a weird expansion for Rogue, Sub has been strong but lacking fun gameplay in AOE, Assa has felt slow for the entire expansion and Outlaw has better gameplay but feels less rewarding with the hard AOE cap in place and feeling like you're putting a lot of work in to do less DPS then other classes 1 big button


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