World of Warcraft Journey Part 11 Reaction – Shadowlands (second half)

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Part 11 of our World of Warcraft journey. Covering a lot of the cinematics we missed in part 10 before Shattered Legacies. For all our WoW reactions check out this playlist

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39 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Journey Part 11 Reaction – Shadowlands (second half)”

  1. Sylvanas' soul wasn't divided into good and evil, it was just divided. So she is still fully culpable for any actions taken while she was a Banshee. It will be interesting to see how the others view her now. Genn Greymane and Tyrande especially have personal griefs with her. So they might not be as willing to forgive her.

  2. people still dont understand how sylvanas defeated bolvar so easily he is already dead arthas was a living breathing host so his power was 100% where bolvar was about 20%

  3. Don't try to understand anything from this. This entire expansion's story is a farce, and they've done more damage by saying it's all related to every event that has happened since Warcraft 3. Right now, there's no point in trying to make sense of anything in this game's universe. The writers don't seem to have any coherent plan for the game; it's just "cool one-liners" and set-pieces for them, with no regard to what came before, or where it'll lead after.

  4. The scene in the beginning where the Forsworn steal Anduin and Genn does nothing to help became something of a meme in the community.

    Genn burns his toast in the morning: "SYLVANAAAAAS!"

    Genn, stubbing his toe: "SYLVANAAAAAS!"

    Genn, owes a lot at tax time: "SYLVANAAAAAS!"

  5. It was less good soul vs bad soul as much as "aspects Arthas found useful as a servant" vs. "parts that would have gotten in the way". So malice, cunning, drive, anger, etc..

  6. I think you missing The Primus part, the ruler of Maldraxxus and the 4th member of the Pantheon.
    You covered Denathrius, Winter Queen, Bastion Queen and Zooval The Jailer.
    There are still conversations between old friends and family reunite.

    Here is where we find The Primus

    Here is where The Primus tells us about The Jailer, + with some you have seen before and + Old friends and family reunite

    Here is Kel'thuzad's Fall

    About the Sigil you heard , there are five sigils four of them are from each covenant and the last one is from The Arbiter.
    You saw Anduin went to Bastion took the first Sigil, during battle of Ardenweald when Sylvanas and Tyrande had a fight then the horn blown, because Anduin went there to take another Sigil.
    The 3rd Sigil is from Denathrius who is allied with Zooval The Jailer. The 4th Sigil is from The Primus.

    Shattered Legeacies is the latest cinematic so far. Right now there is no more cinematics than to go deeper in the lore of the fates of characters.
    As right now we are waiting for the next patch of the game and it is on testing.

  7. Those cosmological forces like the Jailer, could also be seen as ideologies.
    We can get corrupted by a toxic ideology and act in ways that we later regret.
    Are we the ones making those actions? Yes and no
    And how Anduin said: Everytime he dominates his will, he is less of himself. Just how acting on said ideology or toxic behaviour, gets you accustomed to it, changing you.

    I didn't really like the shadowlands storyline at first however, have started enjoying it more and more. Fingers crossed for an epic ending to it. 😀

  8. Do some league of legends once those are the most popular once on ur page and get the most views and just everything is just awsome with them xD. They have come out with a new cinematic trailer called ”the call” REACT TO IT! Much love from sweden!

  9. They’re probably going to screw up the ending but essentially it was set up to be that the Jailer was probably right but we just can’t see it.

    Zovaal, the Jailer, was originally the Arbiter who judged the souls. He saw that there was something incredibly wrong and unfair about what happens to souls in the cycle of life and death. He told the other 4, the Archon/Winter Queen/Denathrius/The Primus, and they were fanatically devoted to the “plan” their creators set for them so he tried to do it on his own and was sent to the maw. Sylvanas knows what this truth is and maybe Anduin does but we don’t quite know.

    Everyone complains about the Jailer because he didn’t do his Saturday morning cartoon villain speech when he has no reason to tell us. He tried explaining himself once before and was punished for it and he clearly is so much more powerful than us so why should he care about us. He’s won up until now. There’s no real reason for him to even acknowledge us.

  10. The soul split that Sylvanas went through is described as not being good half/bad half. Its described her as a victim of severe abuse where people will often become a vastly different person after it because of trauma and ptsd etc. When Zovaal the Jailer returned that other part of her soul to her, it was as if the version of her that existed before she was killed, tortured, controlled, abused was then forced to witness herself committing all the horrendous acts she had done so in her undeath from the moment she died until that point.

    Its not so much that there is a duel control thing like Bruce Banner / The Hulk; more so that the part of her that is capable of feeling positive emotions was forced into a crash course of her life and is now forced to choose weather to accept what she has done so that she can help stop Zovaal's plans, or continue to refuse to take responsibility for what she has done.

    Ive seen it described as having a photo taken of you, and then suffering years of abuse and trauma and having that make an impact on the sort of person you are, then having someone be able to bring that version of you in the photo to life and have it see what it would become in the future. The version of you in the photo never had any say in doing the things you may have done after being abused, but now that its being reunited with this darkened version it has to accept that this is who you are now.

    To stay in denial of what her death, trauma and abuse turned her into is what keeps her unconscious, and is exactly what the Jailer intended for her to suffer through for the rest of her existence. If she had refused to accept who she is and what she had done, she would be dooming herself to this new torture of suffering through those traumas all over again for eternity and in doing so prevent the players from stopping the jailer complete the plans that she had helped him progress so far through.

    The Tyrande story is basically that after the tree was burned and the night elves were genocided, Tyrande used very dangerous magic to supercharge herself so that she could enact vengeance onto Sylvanas. However that power was constantly growing and was slowly killing Tyrande as well. Throughout the expansion you learn about and meet many others who took on that power and how it ended up killing all of them, or making them so dangerous they became a threat to their loved ones and ended up turning them into a villian that their loved ones were forced to kill.

    Tyrande is the chosen favorite child of Elune, the goddess who gave her the power, and so when Tyrande says she is ready to die to get the vengeance her people want she turns into an anime character who can fly through the sky like a missile. However right before she is able to kill Sylvanas, Elune withdraws the power to prevent Tyrande killing her, knowing that if she had killed her she'd have ended up dying herself.

    In the end Elune projects herself through Tyrande's body to talk to the heroes and her sister The Winter Queen and explains her actions and why she has done the things she has done, like letting her favorite species (the night elves) get genocided when its been seen before she is very capable of preventing such things from happening. We find out that she allowed the night elves to die so that she could try to save her sister, which then backfires when all the souls she offered get detoured straight to the Jailer. The Winter Queen forgives her sister and they together let Tyrande choose if she wants to continue chasing Sylvanas, knowing it will kill herself too, or if she is willing to let go of the vengeance so that she can look after the remaining members of her people, which she does.

  11. There’s is no evil Sylvanas. The one we knew only lost her free will while Arthas had her. She was always herself inside. Her life experience shaped her soul we know but nothing is any different than the soul he returned to her. If the two souls were swapped from the start the same choices would have been made. It’s just a younger soul essentially

    She was in control when she burned the tree.

  12. and in the next patch. the title for the guild who kill the jailer in Mythic Mode and enter in the top 100 Hall of Fame is: Famed Slayer of Zovaal the Jailer. and yes. is a competition. we call "race to world first" :D.

  13. you're not the first ones that get a little confused about this:
    no,Sylvanas wasn't mind-controlled by Zooval(The Jailer)like Anduin,that only happened with Arthas when she was a Banshee and didn't reclaim her body yet,she was manipulated by him,in a very smart way,because he leaned on the rage and hate of Banshee Sylvanas in order to cloud her judgment,and faking to treat her as an equal and to have the same goal.
    They've made the deal since Legion,consisting of Sylvanas going beyond the veil to free and help him in return for Zooval giving her a bit of his power,and that's why she was so strong against Saurfang and Bolvar for example

  14. Some events slightly out of order (not sure if that's the order it was released though, I haven't fully followed this expansion). The pocket watch that Anduin drops 19:01 at is how the leaders are able to peek at Sylvanas and The Jailer's plans at 15:29. There was some speculation that the uncorrupted parts of Anduin were what gave him the foresight to conveniently leave it behind, enchanted with the memory of his conversation with Sylvanas.

    Some context with Elune (the Moon Goddess who powers Tyrande) and the Winter Queen (the being in the 19:22 portion): They were resentful of each other because The Winter Queen had been dealing with the anima drought since Sylvanas "broke" the system of death. Elune tells her that she had sent the souls of those elves who died in Teldrassil to The Winter Queen to give her anima. The Moon Goddess informs her that they never made it to her realm; instead, they were sent to the Maw because of The Jailer's actions. Elune never knew, and shed a tear when she realized she, without knowing, damned her children and closest followers. They reconciled and let Tyrande choose to renew herself and help heal the Winter Queen's realm, to put it simply.

    This is why The Winter Queen hesitated to rescue her "pet", the green dragon aspect of dreams, Ysera. She was resentful. Also, Elune took away Tyrande's powers during the scene at 14:44 because the Night Warrior powers would have killed Tyrande herself. Elune never wanted Tyrande to sacrifice herself to unalive Sylvanas.

  15. This expansion was pretty badly written. The whole idea of the story is to make you the hero want to fight against the "big evil" of that particular expansion. Blizzard failed on that…in Bastion your supposed to want to help the Kyrian, but in the end all the story made me want to do is join the Fallen Kyrian as I agree with their side more. I find myself more and more agreeing with the Jailers side than I do the rest of the Shadowlands groups. Blizzard actually made me do the opposite of what the story is supposed to do…it made me side with the so called "bad guys" of the expansion.

  16. Was waiting for these. Thanks for reacting to them. These are some of my favorite cinematics of this expansion. Tyrande is one of my favorite characters, so I really like the ones with her.

  17. As far as we know, Sylvanas isn't under the Jailor's control, unlike the Lich King who wears the helm of domination, but Blizzard has even stated that Arthas for example he did many of the evil things just with a little push and that the Jailor was upset with the Lich Kings both with Arthas and Nerhzul as they kind of did their own thing against what he wanted.

    I can say from a lore perspective especially taking in all the content from the game, books, etc they did start hinting at Sylvanas's rage growing and basically at one point where she tries to make a genuine connection with her one sister during Garrosh's trial (where the two of them plan to poison Garrosh) but her sister bails on the idea and instead give the poisoned food to Anduin to deliver to Garrosh telling him it is poisoned and leave the choice to him. Sylvanas's reaction is very telling as it shows the last bit of love she has left shrivels away as she basically says she will never feel again, and then proceed to kill any poor wolf she comes across as she goes riding through the woods wailing like a… you guessed it Banshee.

  18. It is painful that I must echo Grand Apothecary Putress in relation to Sylvannas, as a loyal member of the Forsaken. "Did you think we had forgotten? Did you think we had forgiven?". Sylvanas even shut down Anduin's attempts to reunite the living family members with their Forsaken relatives by betrayal and bloodshed. I don't care…we don't care what her excuses are. We don't care how guilty she feels. We should utterly forsake HER. Edit: In response to Bethany's question, Sylvanas was never controlled by the Jailer. There were tactical reasons behind the burning of Teldrassil, primarily that it was the last Alliance base on the continent. That doesn't get communicated in the cutscenes, however.

  19. Your talk about empathy at the end was very interesting and nice. Especially to someone who has always had too much empathy. I've both used it to my advantage at times and yet suppressed it more and more.

    Either way. In the current state of our world (with just Everything), I'm always angry, depressed, frustrated or like just in a state of denial/clowning away the pain. I truely wish we had more empathy in the world as a whole. But being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP/SPS -> actual science) in a world more and more made for sociopaths, very often just feels like torture.

    I am quite extroverted and can even "seem" affirmative, which means people have rarely picked up on it. Most HSP:s are introverted and thus a bit better well-adjusted to their own "condition". 20% of all humans are estimated to be HSP:s so it's not rare btw. Being a "sensation-seeking" HSP is however in the minority. And finally, it does not necessarily make you "sensitive" or emotional in the every day use of the word.

    So yeah, just a few thoughts about that. Had some things to say about the actual WoW-content, but you probably get the gist of that from previous comments of mine, or from other commenters anyway.
    But TLDR: The execution of the story, and to some extent even the underlying ideas, is a failure to me. When I watch these reactions, and I see it through your eyes (using empathy :P) without all my extra knowledge and investment in WoW, I can see the story a bit more clearly in a way. But it doesn't really make it a whole lot better for me personally, sadly.

    Still enjoy the videos though!

  20. I have the feeling there are still some missing but at this point i think it will do no good to look it yet. The messed up ordering of the cinematics is yet making it hard, but with more it will only become harder.
    And as it was pointet out. There is no good and no bad part of Sylvanas. There is only the ranger general who died with all her emotions intact, and the ranger general stript of most of her emotions except one by Arthas that lived one. To my understanding the banshee queen could only feel rage, every other emotion she could remember how they felt but not feel it again. So her love for Nathanos was only a memory she would not let go of, nothing she could feel or experience in her banshee state. And the two personalities must merge and become once again one to wake her up.
    Uther had the advantage that his soul was not customized brought back to serve because the light tried to save it and so it was ripped apart, so it was torn and something was missing but it was a lot less than what was missing in the case of Sylvanas.

  21. New sub here, been watching your reactions for quite a while, loving them, waiting for your reaction video on the newest League of Legends cinematic The Call, it's just blood boiling epic, you're gonna LOVE it 😄

  22. A minor note, it's explained out of a cutscene by Uther (the blue guy who talked to sylvanas in the last cutscene), that the part of her soul that was restored wasn't like the "good" sylvanas, but rather a portion of her consciousness frozen in time. The Ranger General is Sylvanas as she used to be, being horrified by the person she became. The end of the cutscene is her accepting responsibility for her own actions and facing whatever consequences may come forward.

  23. Seeing complete wow reaction was a pleasant surprise :). Regarding Anduin being soft well…He was taught ways of the light by Prophet Velen himself who is like kindest being in WoW. Plus he was always oriented to pacifism thats why he disagreed many times with his father. But they both learnt great deal from each other. Varian diplomacy and patience, while Anduin doing what was right and necessary. Regarding Tyrande…she is my favourite WoW character. Don't worry she is okay. There is entire quest line in Ardenweald where players are trying to save her from night warrior's power that is overtaking her. After that she is renewed and reunited with her adoptive daughter Shandris who helps players on that quest.

  24. Some context:

    The first cinematic is played as we start our first quest of Shadowlands, before we even get sent across the veil. It's a recap for us players and for those who havent really watched the cinematic.

    The second cinematic with Nathanos is played after we players defeat him. He was a World Boss (a boss out in the world and not inside a dungeon) in the weeks leading up to the new expansion. Bliz usually have some pre-patch events that is supposed to lead into the new expansion. There were Zombies all over the place and even players could be turned into Undead for a short time. Nathanos was/is Sylvana's love and partner from when she was still alive. He was the only Human able to achieve the rank of Ranger(?) which was not easily done and due to "racism" among the High Elfs their relationship was frowned upon so they kept it in the dark. When Sylvanas speaks to Anduin and she sayd "We couldn't even choose who we.." she stops herself and many assumed she was sad about her relationship with Nathanos and not being able to live it to its fullest.
    Tyrande was pissed about the Tree and wanted revenge. Nathanos, we assume, wanted to get sent over into Shadowlands so he wasn't really sad about being killed. Or so we think..

    The third cinematic is played after we kill the last boss ofr the first Raid. Sire Denathrius, the vampire-guy who sat and composed a letter to his underlings about how they had to ration all their Anima, practically starving his people, while those in power could feast on it. He also sent all the Anima into the Maw. After players defeat him, the Sword (Remornia) absorbs his soul into it as a way to defend its master from us evil players. But we take that Sword and place it on that tower, where the Naaru (the glowy thing, a being and conduit of pure, holy Light) shine into the mirrors which will trap Denahtius inside the sword (since if he leaves the Light will burn him).

    The fourth cinematic, where all the cool kids get imprisoned. We find a relic of the First Ones, those who supposedly set up the whole system of Afterlife (The Archon and the others are just caretakers) which somehow only reactis to us players. Players assumed that when the Jailer says "Interesting…" he talks about us leaving the Maw, but apparently he was referring to how Anduin could call upon the Light to defend us as we escaped. That was his sign that Anduin was pure enough to be able to enter Bastion and get close to the Archon. The Jailer didn't want the player, he wanted Anduin.

    The fifth cinematic with Anduin stabbing the Archon. As Anduin walk up towards the Archon, we see Uther pass by. Uther is the guy who got stabbed in the Bastion Afterlife cinematic. He got sabbed by Arthas, the old Lich King. We saw a Mournblade be crafted in a cinematic with the Jailer and Sylvanas, where the Jailer takes a blue crystal out of a portal and it is forged into a weapon. Players wondered if that was the soul of Arthas that Uther threw down into the Maw. If we listen as Anduin pass by Uther, we can hear a tone-shift in the music and a brief few notes from "Arthas Theme" with the little boy singing and Uther touching his wound from the Lich King's weapon. This makes me tyhink that yes, the soul inside Anduin's weapon is Arthas's.
    Also, as he suck the Sigil out of the Archon (she survives btw) we see the Domination falter for a brief second and he is himself. This is when we knew that Domination wasn't absolute and all the time. And yes, you can see Sylvanas feel a bit guilty about Anduin being Dominated the way she was by Arthas, the old Lich King.

    The sixth cinematic and fight between Tyrande and Sylvanas. So yeh, Tyrande is still royally pissed and back in the previous expansion she requested the power of the Night Warrior from Elune. The Avatar of Elune's Wrath. Immense Power, but it also feeds on her. Like a candle shining bright until the candle has burnt out.. She now is finally able to exact her revenge for Sylvanas burning Teldrassil, their old home, sending all Night Elves there to death. As Sylvanas fly away, Tyrande kneel's and say in Darnassian (elf language) "My life for hers" so when Elune denied Tyrande her revenge and prevented her from killing Sylvanas, players started to speculate again. Had she already run out of power? Was her candle almost out? Or did Elune for some reason stop her because Elune did not want Tyrande to die?
    After the cutscene players invoke a ritual together with other Night Warriors who died as the power burnt them out. That is when the

    The seventh cinematic showing the conversation between Sylvanas and Anduin. It is "recorded" before we players go into the raid and defeat Sylvanas as the last boss. You see the End-of-Raid cinematic after this. So this is a flashback really. It shows how Anduin is still feeling sympathy for Sylvanas, and how now Sylvanas no longer calls Anduin "Little Lion" but instead "Young Lion". Remember that at this point we still don't know if they forced Anduin to comply, or if he joined willingly. The conversation here makes me almost think he joined her willingly. He dislikes that he was turned the way he is now, but that he decied to join in with her plans. Maybe he saw it as the least evil and that this ay at least he could try to leave hints to us following him on how to defeat the Jailer..
    Fun fact: That locker is the same locker that we see Varian look at in the opening cinematic of Legion. During Legion we players can find an object underwater which is that locker, we take it to Anduin and he then travels to where his father died and get an epiphany with that he doesnt have to be his Father's Legacy, he just needs to be King (you saw this in your Legion compilation)

    The eigth cinematic is the end-of-raid cinematic after we defeated Sylvanas. The last phase has the Jailor trying to siphon out his own Sigil out of the Arbiter (we saw Anduin take the Archon's Sigil earlier, Sylvanas vs Tyrande was a lure so that Anduin could take the Sigil from the Winter Queen and now he got all the other Sigils), as it was taken from him when he was cast away for dabbling in knowledge he shouldn't have.
    The Jailer was the original Arbiter who chose where souls should go, but he did bad stuff so they jailed him in the Maw and they instead built that Arbiter that we saw get shut down at the start of the expansion.
    When the words "serve" echo for Sylvanas, the final Echo is the voice of Arthas, who enslaved her. We then see the Jailer throw the lost part of her Soul to her, so that now she is once again made whole. Just like how Uther had his soul split in the Bastion Afterlife cinematic, similarly was Sylvanas soul split as Arthas stabbed her. We then see the locket that Anduin dropped which held the memory of him and Sylvanas talk that we saw earlier.
    As Sylvanas faints, note that her eyes are no longer Red the way they have been for so long. Instead they are Blue like they were when she was still alive. Is she still Undead or is she now alive somehow? We have no idea..

    The ninth cinematic is Elune channeling her presence through Tyrande. The Winter Queen that rules the Tree-zone in Shadowlands is the sister of Elune. Elune in turn is the goddess of the Night Elves and it is supposedly Elune's power that they use when their Night Elf priests use healing magic or when their druids call down Moonfire.
    It seems like they re going for a Yin-Yang type setup of the Winter Queen and Elune. They are both sisters, part of a whole, with the WQ ruling the fall and winter of souls, with Elune ruling the spring and summer. Elune cares for souls in life while the WQ takes them as they die and nurture them back to life and return them out into the world again. As Denathrius hoarded all the Anima, there was nothing left for the other realms. We see in the Ardenweald Afterlife cinematic how the groves wither away when there's no Anima left. So the WQ called to her sister for help, and when the tree burnt and all the Night elves died, instead of keeping the souls for herself she sent them to the WQ to help her but instead they were sent to The Maw.. But now Tyrande must choose if she want Revenge for the deaths of her people, or if she want Renewal which would allow for the souls of her people to maybe, one day, be returned to life. She chose Renewal and together they form a new Sigil (remember the Jailer took their old Sigils and players then help restore or re-create, or even create new Sigils). By doing that she is no longer a Night Warrior and the power is no longer slowly burning her away.

  25. Sylvanas was never mind controlled by the jailer, but rather manipulated. She thought they were working toward a common goal, but after the events in shadowlands she realised how wrong she was.

    Also, the soul fragment jailer gave her is not really "good sylvanas". Its a piece of her concsiousness that was frozen in time. That piece of Sylvanas didn't saw Arthas wipe out Silvermoon raising her own people, and turning her into banshee. Being raised as undead makes people lose their humanity and empathy, and so Sylvanas became cold and vengeful.
    Now, ranger general Sylvanas get see what SHE has become. And she refuses to accept that the ranger general and the banshee are one in the same.


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