1,000,000G In 5 Minutes World of Warcraft

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14 thoughts on “1,000,000G In 5 Minutes World of Warcraft”

  1. if you are going to do transmog runs or runs or dungeons u need bear tartare food it gives u minor speed increase for 4 to 5 seconds everytime u kill something u also want a speedset so u can do runs even faster.

  2. This is so far from being a 5 minute farm. Astronomical low dropchance + months upon months trying to sell on AH. Unusable goldfarm for 95% realms and 99% of players! Dislike for shit clickbait guide, sorry!

  3. theres a reason that you see it for 1million gold on the AH … because nobody is willing to pay 1million for it.

    theres one copper ore for 1million gold on the AH.. just farm it ! lul


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