Let's Play World of Warcraft: Shadowlands (Normal Sanctum of Domination First 4 Bosses)

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Hey everyone!

Welcome back to Basic Level Gaming! Today’s video will be our first run at the Sanctum of Domination raid! A few of the group had been in the week before, but it was our first time. Overall, the whole run went pretty well. The first three bosses were not too much of a struggle, but we did all watch some videos on the strategy for these fights. The whole raid avoiding the three bad anima powers before Tarragrue is vital! Twisted Samophlange, Ten of Towers, and Lumbering Form are the ones you need to avoid. It is also important that someone gets Everbeating heart, and having Oddly Intangible Key makes the mists much easier to deal with. The fourth boss was a definitely a challenge, but we will get it tomorrow!


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