Subtlety Rogue M+ DPS Guide: A Top Tier Spec For Dungeons In 9.1.5! – WoW: Shadowlands 9.1.5

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0:00 Intro
1:05 Playstyle
2:34 Talents
4:06 Covenants
5:11 Legendaries
5:38 Stats
6:02 Rotation and Cool Downs


5 thoughts on “Subtlety Rogue M+ DPS Guide: A Top Tier Spec For Dungeons In 9.1.5! – WoW: Shadowlands 9.1.5”

  1. Sub is in an incredibly good spot right now. There's no way windwalker doesn't get nerfed before the expansion ends. Dance of chi-ji is poisoning every competitive sector of the game. Sub is the next best melee and nowhere near as volatile in performance.

  2. Been telling myself I would make a rogue and try it out. But I keep getting side tracked lol. Right now I’m having so much fun on my necro lock, main spec as demo. But also just changed to destro, and checking that out. I saw your last video with cryyzbad, or whatever his name is. But I thought sob, he’s a beast. So yeah, changed to destro, moved conduits around. Still don’t have everything I need, hell only 210 ilvl. But mfer it’s so much fun, and hits like a truck.

  3. Well in all honesty maintaining slice and dice is an effort for subtlety. That is why rapture is not the main finisher this spec should be using, Eviscerate is. Eviscerate not only it is easier to maintain but it also adds an additional shadow damage. That is the reason why most top players of subtlety are not maximizing versatility but instead mastery. Just try and compare the two. But both are good depending on your play style.


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