Major Healer PvP BUFFS! One-Shot NERFS And Other Updates In Patch 9.2! – WoW: Shadowlands 9.2

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0:00 Intro
1:00 Fire Mage
2:28 MW Monk
3:10 Paladin
4:18 Holy Priest
4:57 Assassination Rogue
5:58 Resto Shaman
6:26 Prot Warrior
7:41 Raid Updates


8 thoughts on “Major Healer PvP BUFFS! One-Shot NERFS And Other Updates In Patch 9.2! – WoW: Shadowlands 9.2”

  1. Cutting down on the one-shot potentials always seems like a good move. It initial creates a healthier environment for PvP that allows players to have more control in not being nuked by a silly build up. As for the tier bonus nerfs, I can't comment on them, but it's good to hear that SIN was seeing some gameplay again.

  2. with rogue 4 set nerf will just force us to take exsanguinate which still stacks so blizzard essentially changed rogues 100% bleed tick with alacrity to 150% with exsang. Everyone will still die in kidneys

  3. Ooook its time to stop fucking pvp there is no point you insta lose if you are 2 dps now even before the fight begin you lose and hey lets nerf more paladins now lets fear them even more wohoooo so nice thats how you understand that nobudy in blizzard actually play paladins and play warlocks only and priests people even started going selfless healer instead of holy hands for word of glory cus its a complete waste now they are even worst thena fucking weel chair gj blizzard keep up killing the fun on the game and keep buffing warlocks make it like 100k hp cus they have a pet like shamans there is no reason not to


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