Sylvanas Will UNLEASH The MASTERS [World of Warcraft SPECULATION]

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In the end of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, Sylvanas is sent to the maw to redeem what she did with Teldrassil.
To find the lost souls, she and the Jailer forced to suffer there for eternity’s end, Sylvanas has to travel far and beyond.
Will she discover the true nature of the inescapable prison with Torghast as the center?
Or will se find something even more sinister than her own sins?

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26 thoughts on “Sylvanas Will UNLEASH The MASTERS [World of Warcraft SPECULATION]”

  1. Cool theory! I just don't know if Blizzard has the ability to write a cohesive story like you did in 24 minutes lmfao.
    I hope that we didn't actually kill the old gods, we just thought we did. I could be wrong, but I thought in older lore killing old gods literally kills Azeroth? How we killed the old gods was just so underwhelming, especially N'Zoth.

  2. If there is in fact an Old God inside Torghast, I think it would most likely be Anduin, who gets either tricked or willingly lets it out. We know he's probably still inside The Maw trying to figure himself out, and it could be his previously established connection with the Void that sets him on that path, since he might realize the Light has completely abandoned him.

  3. The Maw wasnt always the Maw. It was a realm but when it was attacked by the Void, is when it became what it is now. Why is torghast SO close to azeroth. Seems like it serves as a stability construct almost like the pillar of earth in deepholm

  4. I found a lot of similarities of pandarias land corrupted and the maw. This theory makes perfect sense. More proof would be the jars of old god remains in Korthia which was also is in ruin.

    Another related theory I have is ice crown is made of saronite which is Yogg-Saron's blood. And torghast has to be made of something similar. Y'Shaarj's blood? Yogg's? The plot thickens.

  5. There job is also to punish the irredeemable by sending them to the Maw. It's not a business they are running, its a directive given to them by the First Ones. Going by your own logic literally every soul, even the innocent and just, should be tortured for their anima for maximum efficiency. Obviously that's not what the purpose of the afterlife is. It's first role is as an actual afterlife, not specifically to harvest anima. You're trying to use the efficiency argument when for that to reach its logical conclusion they would be torturing literally all souls for eternity for their anima.

  6. I'm more curious about what Old God-ness is going on underneath STV. I can't help but feel that either a whole new Old God is under there or a fragment of Y'shraaj since where STV is in relation to where Maelstrom is in the sea and considering that current STV would be fairly close when it was still a super continent before the Shattering to where the Maelstrom is now. Could it be something similar to what happened in Pandaria? Where a fragment of Y'shaarj still remains? Perhaps a type of Old God phylactery? But interesting theory! You could be onto something with the Maw, it clearly had a different purpose at some point. I've always thought Y'shaarj was never truly gone, at least not completely.

  7. the maw was most likely a landmass that stood where oribos is now and the other Eternal ones severed off a chunk of that land that had Torghast on it and some other structures that got destroyed as they formed it into an inescapable prison ( We Know that Oribos was Constructed for the Purpose) if you remember back to 9.1 Korthia was stated to be apart of the maw just one that disappeared over time due to the Keepers. Also I do believe that Zovaal was in fact The Jailer and not the supposed Jailed as he was free to move about as he willed what if he was the jailer of something along the line of like the first one of death, the way we beat him and the fact that this guy is supposed to be Titan ++ I don't know death can never be killed so it at least to me stands to reason that maybe Zovaal wasn't death but in fact the jailer of Death and that's what he was referring

  8. 1st I believe that Yogg Saron called himself the god of DEATH, not war, but that doesn't matter.Right now, only N'Zoth remains on Azeroth. What if Y'Shaarj was just a pawn/a key. Old gods set up teritorries and N'Zoth was considered the weak one. Even if that was true, he is considered the smartest one. He could have set his teritorry to "force" Y'Shaarj to be at the centrepoint, so he became the focus of the titans and that created the maelstorm, but he was just used and now N'Zoth is going to be the big bad. His "end" was so underwhelming, it could be just a setup. Zovaal could be afraid of N'Zoth as he is the only one remaining and has planned for this the whole time. Maybe Il'gynoth and Xavius were just pawns as well tests how to get into the Shadowlands.

  9. She does care about her people at least until BFA. She doesn't join Zovaal completely until the sword was stabbed into Azeroth(which totally didn't happen). The Sylvanas book explains her reasoning and character development pretty well. As well as a person can given the current state of WoWs story.

  10. Another theory: It is more of a headcannon, but what if the features overview trailer for Shadowlands from Blizzcon 2019 actually showed us the big bad and foreshadowed Sylvanas meeting it. Zovaal could have been it's jailor before, but now he was jailed as well, maybe for trying to use its power, which could be viewed as it influencing Zovaal and why he was cast out, even if it didn't have an effect on him.His sygilcouldbe the "seal" keeping the being chained. It would also make sense how he was able to master domination magic, as it was originally used by the Primus to keep this being in check and as Zovaal saw it being used, he may have basic understanding of it and could even have some knowledge from the Primus himself how to keep/renew the seal once in a while as it might grow weaker over time.

  11. So, looking back on Y'shaarj. I'm finding some interesting info.

    When we find the heart back in MOP, it's held in the air by none other than ethereal chains…NOT physical ones, chains from possibly another dimension with a bluish tint.
    There are also runes (that look like runes from the Primus) on the seals around the heart, and the color scheme is very Titan-esque (as one would expect).

    Also, connecting to MOP again – what if the player character isn't just "The chosen one" and can be the Maw Walker because of story beats, but actually because we were cleansed of our "Inner demons" by Norushen years ago. Obviously we've encountered N'zoth since then, but maybe the maw is designed to recognize Y'shaarj's corruption specifically, and that was purged from us before.

    The puzzle box of Yogg-Saron speaks of the black goat with seven eyes who watches from the 'outside'. We contribute the goat to Y'shaarj but is the outside the Shadowlands?

    Just some interesting stuff. Love the speculation, Acco.

  12. i love your channel and theories
    that s blizzard . They aint making something that cool nor “building up to it”
    all players’ theories are waaay better than the writing so I am sceptical about seeing sth so cool

  13. im may be outdated of wow lore but… last time i remember very clearly that the maelstrom was created by the collapsing of the well of eternity in the sundering (war of the ancients, novel). ripping out Ysharash happened in pandaria and created the sha (stated by Lorewalker Cho, Pandaria). was this retconed?

    besides that, sounds cool what you had to say 😉

  14. I think you're correct about most things. I always believed there to be a Void Lord or something there, and it wouldn't surprise me if the Runecarver was Jailed at the same spot as the Jailor for another reason than just revenge (I mean to power something, hence them being in that circle). The Lord of Ravens will turn the key… We've seen both Odyn and Khadgar in the Shadowlands story, so it's probably one of those two that accidently sets that Void thing lose.

  15. Something did happen to the maw, that is obvious.. obviously, something terrible is locked in somehow in torghast. The y'shaarj thing i dont agree with you on, thats too farfetched imo. BUT, the true story of whatever transpired in the shadowlands, they better fucking tell..

  16. If you step back and look at the big picture, you see tech and machines everywhere. Shadowlands was the machine of Death. They were all automotons. These are all creations of Order. If Light, Order, Death, Chaos and all those other aspects represent the universe, why the hell is there creations of Order in Shadowlands? Why is there a Zerith facility for every aspect? WHY DO GODS HAVE BELLY BUTTONS???
    Basically what happened was at one point Order won. They took the Cosmos and ordered it. Ordered it. They….ordered the Cosmos. Order.
    The First Ones are reps of Order. Its all bullshit. We have never been to the actual Shadowlands. We have been playing in Order's sandbox with their toys. The Shadowlands we have been to is nothing but a tablecloth over a table that we cant see.
    Now that being said, your old god maelstrom theory does touch on something interesting. Its much more to do with Azaroth itself than the old god. It is entirly possible, I think probable that the maelstrom exists in all timelines and reality not because of the wound, but because it was Azaroth that was wounded. Meaning if shes wounded in one, shes wounded in all. If she dies in one reality, she dies in all of them. Shes not a Titan. She is way more than that. Not going to explain it here. If you want to know message me or something. Got nothing to do with what caused the wound.

  17. Didn't they say that the maw is the way it is because when the Jailer was first imprisoned he sent out those chains of his to pull bits and pieces of other realms into the maw?


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